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Seeking for someone to spend my entire life with

Ok fan club, u want a profile…here it goes…why am I on this site..after a string of less then satisfying sexual experience, I rapidly found myself dummed down and badly misled by ppl who think they have it all..but definately have no clue as to what I crave to experience. I can’t get no satisfaction.

I am looking for a sexy white male who is in tune with his sexuality and is confident in himself. You should ooze of ur EDT as well as sex appeal.

A glance of u should have me wanting…the attraction should me undeniable…and not limited to good looks…U know if you have that extra so something…A male that is conscious of the importance of pleasuring a woman and is responsive to energies and connection? If you think I am here to pleasure ur sexual desires…move along to the next profile…this should be mutual participation..A magnetic pull of sexual energy, mind body connection that renders you numb and almost paralysed from the waist down..from such great pleasure. I want to feel his desire combined in all his movements , this passionate seduction and pleasure is more then just sex. If you understand this connection and long for the same, then only should you respond to me.

Do not msg me about how I am doing *yawn-* do not offer me coffee meeting.. That hardly reflects ur boldness… You will have to keep me inspired and interested… Personality is a must…attitude and shovanistic and self centred behavior is unwelcomed as the connections I desire can not be opened up too if u have these pettinesses… I am a gal of stature and am used to finer things… Do not expect me to agree to substandard circumstances.

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